Chang Chang DC

Chang Chang DC

  • Michael Sheridan
  • 03/2/23

We met friends at the Chang family’s newest restaurant, Chang Chang, and it definitely didn’t disappoint!  I have been looking forward to checking out this restaurant and I am really glad we did.  The ambiance of the restaurant was really inviting and chill for a nice, relaxing Friday night dinner. The staff was great and made some great recommendations.  We ordered family style, so we got to try a lot of dishes from the menu. The cocktails were amazing and were very creative.  We were all really impressed with the cocktails.


To start, we ordered the Chili Wontons and the Shanghai Sweet and Sour Ribs.  They were both amazing and very flavorful. The Chili Wontons edged out the ribs by just a bit in terms of flavor and creativity. They were large appetizers so if it is just one or two people, one appetizer will definitely be enough.


The entrees were large, family style portions and were all so good!  My favorite was the Stuffed Money Pockets, which was a new take on the classic Mapo Tofu.  It was incredibly flavorful and felt really elevated. The Crab Fried Rice was so light but flavorful and was a great comfort food dish. Our final dish was the Lion’s Head Meatball with Pan Fried Noodles, which was so good!  The meatball was cooked so beautifully and reminded me of the texture of my Great Aunt Ruth’s meatballs, which is impressive and something I don’t say very often. The meatball was the size of a softball, so it was the perfect size for four of us to split. I was really impressed with the flavor the chefs imparted in the dish and it definitely was not just another boring noodle dish.


We finished the night with the Hojicha Cake and the Coconut Mochi, which were really light and two really amazing desserts.  They were really a great way to finish off a stellar meal.  I can’t wait to try more of the menu and if you don’t feel like dining in, they have a fantastic takeout menu!  I definitely give Chang Chang a five chef’s knife rating!



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