Hangry Burger!

Hangry Burger!

  • Michael Sheridan
  • 03/31/23

I had the pleasure of trying Hangry Burger in Springfield, VA recently and I definitely enjoyed my visit.  The staff was incredibly friendly and very helpful.  I can honestly say that they have some of the best onion rings I have ever tried in my life!  You definitely need to get them for your choice of side. They had limited breading and contained large portions of onions.  Most onion rings gross me out, so this was such a welcomed change. The burger was amazing as well. I had the Seoul Mate: Ground beef, topped with housemade galbi sauce, Kimchi, and ssamjang served on a steamed bao bun. You know me, I always love an asian fusion flavor to my meal.

I will say that my friend who was with me ordered the fish sandwich, the Tailspin, and it wasn’t well put together. The fish was cooked well but they put a large filet on a smaller burger bun and not a keyser roll or other type of roll, so it hung off the sides and so the sides didn’t get any of the house made mambo tartar sauce, which was really disappointing. I wouldn’t order that sandwich unless they change the bun option.

Other than that issue, I definitely think it is a must try if you are in the area!  I give it a 4 chef knives rating because of the fish flop but I will definitely go again to try other burgers. Enjoy!



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